VT Senator Patrick Leahy
Patrick Leahy
VT Senator Bernard 'Bernie' Sanders
Bernard 'Bernie' Sanders
VT-01 Representative Peter Welch
Peter Welch
Vermont Governor Phil Scott
Phil Scott


  • 9 – Total Exporters
  • 7 – Small Business
  • 0 – Minority Owned
  • 0 – Women Owned
  • 1 – Renewable Energy
  • 1 – Environmentally

VT Export Summary:

  • $224M – Total Export Value
  • $61M – Total Amount
  • $40M – Total Authorizations

What are Authorizations, Amount, and Export Value?

Authorizations – the dollar amount that EXIM has agreed to insure or finance (through an insurance policy, loan guarantee, or direct loan).

Amount – the total dollar value of total insured shipments, guaranteed credit, or disbursed loans supported by EXIM.

Export Value – the total dollar value of exports related to EXIM's authorized financing or insurance.

Exporter Spotlight

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Top Export Destinations:

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Turkey

Top Industries:

  1. Machinery Manufacturing
  2. Miscellaneous Manufacturing
  3. Apparel Manufacturing

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